More than a meme coin
Your personal AI companion for mental well-being

Why did Smile become HappyAI?

Memes are a vibrant part of our culture, acting as a wonderful source of laughter and joy. Yet, the truest smiles come from being deeply fulfilled and happy in life itself.

How will HappyAI help me?

We will assist you in understanding and managing your emotions, provide coping strategies  for challenges, and guide you through evidence based exercises to enhance your overall well-being.
Together we will set achievable goals paired with a personalized plan to guide your journey towards happiness and well-being.
And of course, we will also make funny memes along the way 🙂

What is the long term vision of HappyAI?

Our long-term vision extends beyond merely addressing mental health issues. People often need a space to openly discuss their problems, craving support and understanding that includes gestures like eye contact.
Therefore, our ambition is to evolve from a simple text-based bot to an advanced voice-to-voice system, complete with a 3D visual model of your companion. This will create an experience akin to conversing with a trusted friend, one who is well-versed in psychology and medicine.